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roller blind is a curtain that can roll up and unroll. The curtain consists of a tube and around it is the cloth. You can operate the roller blind from top to bottom and the cloth then rolls from top to bottom, making it easily adjustable. The translucent roller blinds are denser in structure. It makes the room cozy and homey without being very emphatic. Daylight still comes in, but the view is gone. It fits many interior styles. From modern to classic.

How does a roller blind work?

The cloth consists of a blackout, translucent or transparent fabric attached to a tube.

The roller blind hangs with supports from the ceiling or on the wall or window frame.

With a control such as a chain, cord, handle or remote control, you roll the blind to the desired height.

What types of roller blinds are there?

Roller blinds remain immensely popular and that’s because you can put together roller blinds to suit your personal preference. So that you can always combine it nicely with your interior. For example, you can choose from different fabrics with different properties. Here are some types of roller blinds:


  • Translucent/semi transparent fabrics
  • Darkening fabrics
  • Transparent fabrics
  • Fabrics for humid areas
  • Duo Roller Blinds fabrics
  • Roof Window Roller Blinds
  • Tilt&Turn Roller Blinds
  • Electric Roller Blinds

Cleaning your blinds?

We recommend to regularly clean your roller blinds and duo-blinds. Roller blinds that are very dirty are more difficult to clean and require more attention, so you need to pay less attention to them if you clean them regularly. Well maintained blinds and duo-blinds last longer.


  • 4 steps to clean most roller blinds.
  • Remove dust and dirt
  • Remove larger stains with lukewarm soapy water.
  • Dry the blind well with a clean cloth
  • Hang the blind out to dry

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