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When choosing new curtains for your bedroom, there are a few things to consider. You obviously want them to look good and match your interior style, but perhaps even more important is whether they will lose strength and to what degree. The degree of occlusion is expressed as a percentage. For example, a curtain can block 75% of daylight, but it can also block 95% of light and even darken 100%! So pay close attention to this when making your choice. If you want to darken your room in a unique way, order curtains with pleats instead of rings. The rings still allow sunlight to enter the room.

Blackout curtains for the bedroom

Light blocking fabrics, also called blackout fabrics, provide complete light blocking. They block 100 percent of the light thanks to a light-blocking coating on the back of the fabric. Light blocking fabrics are useful in rooms that need to be very dark, such as bedrooms. They are also usually cheaper because you don’t have to line the curtains. view our bedroom curtains here

blackout roller blinds for the bedroom

The most frequently chosen product in the blackout curtains category are roller blinds. When the roller blinds lose power, the curtain is fitted with 100% light-blocking fabric. For the back, you have two choices: A heat-resistant white backing or the same color as the front. For optimal blackout, choose blinds with side guides. These also close off the sides of the fabric. This prevents light from entering through the sides.

Dim out curtains if blackout curtains are too dark for you

Dim out curtains darken the room, but not 100%. Our dim out curtains are about 80% lightproof, meaning only 20% of the light passes through the fabric. The fabrics are soft, have a nice sheen and create lots of space. Made to measure up to 1000 cm wide and 460 cm high.

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