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You need the right kind of shoes when you’re going to bike at this time of year. If you’re biking to work everyday you need shoes to keep you warm and comfortable. You jumped out of bed at the first alarm clock and warmed up excitedly with your morning coffee. Put on your favorite work clothes, keys, phone, and cash charged… hop on your bike and off you go. Only to get caught in the most heavy type of rain.

What to look for in shoes for bike commuting

  • hard/tough sole
  • waterproof
  • not too difficult
  • comfortable material
  • support
  • good stop
  • Design – important if you’re keeping them for your work day
  • easy to enter


Challenge: strong wind

I don’t know anyone who likes to fight in strong winds. Even tailwind rewards aren’t attractive enough because tailwinds are short-lived compared to the time spent fighting headwinds and crosswinds. But when the flags flutter and the trees sway, there are a few things you can do to make an outdoor drive more appealing.

Headwind Out, Tailwind Home:

Adjust your route so you can ride headwinds fresh. If you’re riding in hours or kilojoules (as training typically determines his volume), add time to headwinds to account for the fact that you ride faster and work less on the way back. Windy rides are better when you get a moment’s rest. Look for a route that provides a windbreak in the form of trees or houses, or change direction frequently to avoid direct exposure to headwinds for extended periods of time. For example, in Colorado Springs, I often ride on bike paths and residential areas on windy days.

Don’t fight the wind:

People get exhausted from pushing too hard to maintain a “normal” pace in headwinds. This is a normal reaction. You push back because the wind pushes you. But you can’t win this push match, so stop paying attention to speed or pace and focus instead on perceived effort and power output.


Work Shoes for biking to work

If you’re biking to work you will need good shoes. When you’re at work you don’t want to change shoes all the time so work boots are a great opportunity to free some time. Strong and comfortable shoes are important. Check out this website for strong and comfortable work boots.  

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