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Waterproof work shoes for autumn

Waterproof work shoes are fully protected against water penetration. Water does not penetrate the material of the shoe and provides permanent protection against moisture. Wearing wet socks is very uncomfortable and not good for your health. We recommend wearing these waterproof work boots when working in wet environments for long periods of time. Your body loses a lot of heat through your feet. The waterproof shoe

has an inner lining with a special waterproof membrane and taped seams. This prevents water from penetrating. View waterproof work shoes here

What is the difference between water repellent and waterproof

There is an important difference between waterproof work shoes and waterproof work shoes. All S3 work shoes are waterproof. This means that these work shoes can withstand 1-2 hours of moisture. Therefore, it is sufficient for most work environments. When do you need waterproof work shoes? Waterproof shoes are needed if you often stand in heavy rain or work on wet surfaces for long periods of time.


How often do you stand in puddles or heavy rain or work on wet surfaces such as agriculture, choose one of the S3 waterproof work shoes. Do you work mainly indoors, such as storage or transportation? Then you can also choose S1P work shoes.

Why choose water repellent for biking?

You would think that waterproof is always better than waterproof. However, waterproof work shoes have several advantages, such as high breathability, sporty shape and low weight. Do you work in an environment where you are exposed to huge amounts of water every day? Then definitely consider waterproof work shoes.

Why choose waterproof for biking?

Wet textiles conduct heat up to three times faster than dry clothing or shoes. In other words, a lot of body heat is lost. By preventing water from escaping, a durable waterproof system prevents this heat loss. This helps you stay dry, even during prolonged use and in extreme conditions.

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