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Shelves and cabinets provide a place to store your belongings when you don’t have enough room in the closet. They play an important role in any room, but they can be tricky to fit into awkward spaces. Luckily, these standard pieces of furniture can be transformed into something unique with just a few simple ideas and tools. Here are some tips and tricks for making shelves and cabinets work in the space that you have determined they should go in.

How to make shelves and cabinets work in any space

Use baseboard molding to make the shelf or cabinet taller.

Cover the front of your shelves with wallpaper or paint, it will look like a piece of artwork instead of just a storage device. This trick is great for inexpensive options like Ikea shelves, so you can have beautiful and unique storage without having to spend a fortune.

If there are other pieces of furniture in the room that take up space, create a hidden cabinet by taking off their doors and replacing them with shelving units. You can use this idea for an entryway or bedroom where you don’t need the door panels anymore but still want to keep the storage space accessible from the rest of the room.

Add an exterior wall in between two rooms with shelving instead of walls to save space and provide additional storage for items that get used on both sides of the wall, such as toys and sports equipment from one room and scrapbook supplies from another room.

Use staircases as a new location for your shelves when they’re not usable as intended elsewhere in your home because they provide vertical space that’s ideal for placing things like bookshelves or decorative objects at eye-level.

Tips for making shelves and cabinets work in the space you have determined they should go in

As mentioned earlier, shelves and cabinets are great for small spaces. But not all small spaces are created equal. Some spaces have awkward corners or walls that make it hard to fit a standard cabinet in the right place. It’s important to be mindful of these unique challenges when deciding where you want your shelves and cabinet to go.

One of the best ways to create a space for your shelves and cabinets is to utilize the space above. Consider whether you could mount an overhead shelf as well as a cabinet on one side of the room. This would provide a convenient place for extra storage while maximizing space in your small room. This can also help solve the problem of curb appeal if you already have some furniture on the wall hiding behind your shelving unit.

Another way to maximize shelf space is by making sure there is enough clearance between your shelves and anything else in the room. You don’t want items stored on top of any other surface, so make sure there is at least one inch of breathing room between shelving units and walls, floors, or ceilings.

For smaller cabinets, consider adding overhead doors instead of drawers because they take up less floor space than traditional cabinets. If you have an odd-shaped corner in your home, this may be a good way to get around that issue without sacrificing much floor space.

Tips for using standard pieces of furniture

One of the most important things you can do when using standard pieces of furniture like shelves and cabinets is to figure out what the best place for them will be. Once you know where your shelves and cabinets should go, you can start designing your room around them.

It’s crucial to make sure that any shelving units or cupboards will fit into the space that you have determined they should be in. If the shelving unit is too long and won’t fit, it could end up looking awkward and scattered in the corner of a wall. You should also make sure that the shelf or cabinet will not block or take away from natural light coming into your room by making sure it is not too close to windows or doorways.


A good way to make shelves and cabinets work in any space is to take a standard piece of furniture such as a drawer and add them to the space as a shelf or cabinet. They’re a great way to make use of less-than-desired furniture while adding a decorative touch to a space. They’re also a practical way to maximize storage and make the most of any corner or space in your home.

It’s still possible to make shelves and cabinets work in any space – even in small rooms.

When you’re trying to figure out how to make shelves and cabinets work for you, it’s important to think about what you want your space to look like. The three most important factors that can help you decide what kind of shelves and cabinets will work best for your space are where the shelves/cabinets will go, what style you want, and how much space you have.

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