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Waterproof work shoes for autumn

Waterproof work shoes for autumn

Waterproof work shoes are fully protected against water penetration. Water does not penetrate the material of the shoe and provides permanent protection against moisture. Wearing wet socks is very uncomfortable and not good for your health. We recommend wearing these waterproof work boots when working in wet environments for long periods of time. Your body loses a lot of heat through your feet. The waterproof shoe

has an inner lining with a special waterproof membrane and taped seams. This prevents water from penetrating. View waterproof work shoes here

What is the difference between water repellent and waterproof

There is an important difference between waterproof work shoes and waterproof work shoes. All S3 work shoes are waterproof. This means that these work shoes can withstand 1-2 hours of moisture. Therefore, it is sufficient for most work environments. When do you need waterproof work shoes? Waterproof shoes are needed if you often stand in heavy rain or work on wet surfaces for long periods of time.


How often do you stand in puddles or heavy rain or work on wet surfaces such as agriculture, choose one of the S3 waterproof work shoes. Do you work mainly indoors, such as storage or transportation? Then you can also choose S1P work shoes.

Why choose water repellent for biking?

You would think that waterproof is always better than waterproof. However, waterproof work shoes have several advantages, such as high breathability, sporty shape and low weight. Do you work in an environment where you are exposed to huge amounts of water every day? Then definitely consider waterproof work shoes.

Why choose waterproof for biking?

Wet textiles conduct heat up to three times faster than dry clothing or shoes. In other words, a lot of body heat is lost. By preventing water from escaping, a durable waterproof system prevents this heat loss. This helps you stay dry, even during prolonged use and in extreme conditions.

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Work shoes for biking outside?

You need the right kind of shoes when you’re going to bike at this time of year. If you’re biking to work everyday you need shoes to keep you warm and comfortable. You jumped out of bed at the first alarm clock and warmed up excitedly with your morning coffee. Put on your favorite work clothes, keys, phone, and cash charged… hop on your bike and off you go. Only to get caught in the most heavy type of rain.

What to look for in shoes for bike commuting

  • hard/tough sole
  • waterproof
  • not too difficult
  • comfortable material
  • support
  • good stop
  • Design – important if you’re keeping them for your work day
  • easy to enter


Challenge: strong wind

I don’t know anyone who likes to fight in strong winds. Even tailwind rewards aren’t attractive enough because tailwinds are short-lived compared to the time spent fighting headwinds and crosswinds. But when the flags flutter and the trees sway, there are a few things you can do to make an outdoor drive more appealing.

Headwind Out, Tailwind Home:

Adjust your route so you can ride headwinds fresh. If you’re riding in hours or kilojoules (as training typically determines his volume), add time to headwinds to account for the fact that you ride faster and work less on the way back. Windy rides are better when you get a moment’s rest. Look for a route that provides a windbreak in the form of trees or houses, or change direction frequently to avoid direct exposure to headwinds for extended periods of time. For example, in Colorado Springs, I often ride on bike paths and residential areas on windy days.

Don’t fight the wind:

People get exhausted from pushing too hard to maintain a “normal” pace in headwinds. This is a normal reaction. You push back because the wind pushes you. But you can’t win this push match, so stop paying attention to speed or pace and focus instead on perceived effort and power output.


Work Shoes for biking to work

If you’re biking to work you will need good shoes. When you’re at work you don’t want to change shoes all the time so work boots are a great opportunity to free some time. Strong and comfortable shoes are important. Check out this website for strong and comfortable work boots.  

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Custom wood blinds

With curtains, you can easily control the light you need and strike the right balance between privacy and visibility. You can choose the width from 25 mm to 50 mm, depending on your style. Available in different colors and configurations, so you’ll always have the perfect window decoration in your home. When we see each other different canopy models have different features and configuration options. To help you make the right choice, we briefly explain the differences and similarities between the types of curtains. Curtains are available in PVC, wood and aluminum. Each material has advantages and disadvantages. I like to explain.

What are wooden blinds made of?

Wooden blinds are made of abachi wood. This wood is lighter, stronger and has a deeper grain than basswood. Optional abachi wood grain and natural lines make each wood curtain unique. Wood blinds are more stable than aluminum slats. By using wood instead of aluminum, the slats are less likely to sag. This property of the material is especially useful if you have children or pets. Short of creating a warm atmosphere and preventing damage quickly? Then choose the wooden version of the curtains.

Aluminum blinds

Aluminum blinds are often chosen for its ease of use because of its modern, light lines. It is also highly resistant to moisture and easy to clean. Finally, you can leave the bar completely closed, but always be careful. How exactly does it work? Aluminum blinds can come with a small hole drilled. During the day, you can see out, but passersby cannot see in. When it’s dark, just rotate the slats to get the effect. A small selection of colors for aluminum blinds:

PVC blinds

PVC blinds are made of plastic and have been a popular form of window covering for years, in part because of their ease of maintenance and privacy. PVC curtains are an economical solution with the beautiful look of wood and the properties of PVC.



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Bedroom curtains

When choosing new curtains for your bedroom, there are a few things to consider. You obviously want them to look good and match your interior style, but perhaps even more important is whether they will lose strength and to what degree. The degree of occlusion is expressed as a percentage. For example, a curtain can block 75% of daylight, but it can also block 95% of light and even darken 100%! So pay close attention to this when making your choice. If you want to darken your room in a unique way, order curtains with pleats instead of rings. The rings still allow sunlight to enter the room.

Blackout curtains for the bedroom

Light blocking fabrics, also called blackout fabrics, provide complete light blocking. They block 100 percent of the light thanks to a light-blocking coating on the back of the fabric. Light blocking fabrics are useful in rooms that need to be very dark, such as bedrooms. They are also usually cheaper because you don’t have to line the curtains. view our bedroom curtains here

blackout roller blinds for the bedroom

The most frequently chosen product in the blackout curtains category are roller blinds. When the roller blinds lose power, the curtain is fitted with 100% light-blocking fabric. For the back, you have two choices: A heat-resistant white backing or the same color as the front. For optimal blackout, choose blinds with side guides. These also close off the sides of the fabric. This prevents light from entering through the sides.

Dim out curtains if blackout curtains are too dark for you

Dim out curtains darken the room, but not 100%. Our dim out curtains are about 80% lightproof, meaning only 20% of the light passes through the fabric. The fabrics are soft, have a nice sheen and create lots of space. Made to measure up to 1000 cm wide and 460 cm high.

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roller blinds

roller blind is a curtain that can roll up and unroll. The curtain consists of a tube and around it is the cloth. You can operate the roller blind from top to bottom and the cloth then rolls from top to bottom, making it easily adjustable. The translucent roller blinds are denser in structure. It makes the room cozy and homey without being very emphatic. Daylight still comes in, but the view is gone. It fits many interior styles. From modern to classic.

How does a roller blind work?

The cloth consists of a blackout, translucent or transparent fabric attached to a tube.

The roller blind hangs with supports from the ceiling or on the wall or window frame.

With a control such as a chain, cord, handle or remote control, you roll the blind to the desired height.

What types of roller blinds are there?

Roller blinds remain immensely popular and that’s because you can put together roller blinds to suit your personal preference. So that you can always combine it nicely with your interior. For example, you can choose from different fabrics with different properties. Here are some types of roller blinds:


  • Translucent/semi transparent fabrics
  • Darkening fabrics
  • Transparent fabrics
  • Fabrics for humid areas
  • Duo Roller Blinds fabrics
  • Roof Window Roller Blinds
  • Tilt&Turn Roller Blinds
  • Electric Roller Blinds

Cleaning your blinds?

We recommend to regularly clean your roller blinds and duo-blinds. Roller blinds that are very dirty are more difficult to clean and require more attention, so you need to pay less attention to them if you clean them regularly. Well maintained blinds and duo-blinds last longer.


  • 4 steps to clean most roller blinds.
  • Remove dust and dirt
  • Remove larger stains with lukewarm soapy water.
  • Dry the blind well with a clean cloth
  • Hang the blind out to dry

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