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Interior design can add more than just style to your living space; it can also make you feel more comfortable when you’re in that space. A dining room is an ideal place to apply some of these principles of interior design, so you can use your dining room to create a relaxed atmosphere that’s perfect for family dinners and entertaining guests alike. To help you get started, here are seven simple interior design tips for creating the perfect dining room.

Choose the right table

Whether you’re hosting a party or just eating dinner with your family, it’s important to choose the right table size and shape. Remember, if your table is too small, guests will be too close together. If it’s too big, they will have to shout at each other just to carry on conversation. An 8-foot round or 6-foot square is usually ideal, though an 8-foot rectangle might work better in some rooms because people don’t feel as boxed in. A tip: It can be helpful to place chairs around your dining room table before you decide on what kind of furniture piece to buy. That way you know if there’s enough space between chairs and table, so people aren’t sitting elbow-to-elbow.

Set up lighting

Ambient light and task lighting play important roles in creating a comfortable dining room. Without proper illumination, it’s difficult to see your food and to interact with those you’re eating with. Without adequate ambient light, on the other hand, a room can feel dark and unwelcoming. In addition to adding overhead lights or placing lamps throughout your space, consider installing or replacing windows that don’t properly let in light from outdoors. You might also want to consider adding dimmers or other controls for an easier way to control how much light enters different areas of your home. When you spend time working on these items early on in planning, it should be easy to create a space that serves both ambient and task lighting needs.

Add color with flowers

Do you want to create a beautiful, inviting atmosphere but don’t know where to start? Consider adding flowers. Flowers not only add life and vibrancy to any room in your home, but they can also help set a warm tone. If you want to learn how to create that special feeling in your dining room, here are 7 tips on how you can do it with flowers.

Paint the walls

While it’s true that you can get away with painting just about any surface, keeping your walls white or off-white will keep your dining room feeling light and airy. It also keeps it from competing with or overpowering your interior decor. In other words, it allows you to focus on how beautiful and cozy (or modern and cool) everything else is. If you need help picking out colors, talk to someone at your local paint store—they know their stuff.

Create a focal point

A good rule of thumb is to use color sparingly, and to create a focal point—whether it’s one bold color or an interesting design element. When decorating your dining room, you want people to feel comfortable and relaxed; so, think about making your dining table into that focal point. Whether you choose bright colors or neutral tones, balance them with other accents in your room (like wall paint). Remember: less is more.

Balance negative space in the room

Many people focus on how to decorate walls in their dining room but forget that an equally important part of creating a comfortable dining experience is balancing negative space (i.e., empty or bare spaces) with furniture and decorations. How you balance negative space in your dining room sets your design apart from others’ and can really enhance your guest’s experience when they dine with you.

Have fun with accessories

If you want to create an inviting, cosy space that feels like home, you’ll need to incorporate various design elements. One of those elements is accessories: With their versatility and diversity, accessories can be used to add warmth and personality to any room. If you’re looking for more ways to infuse life into your dining room, keep reading. We’ve collected seven great tips that will help make your dining experience more comfortable and memorable.

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